Hiding in our Unknowing

It’s easy for us to hide from the veil of our own unknowing. That unknowing comes from constant movement, motion, task, to do list, —ALL things that keep us distracted. Distracted from looking deeply within.

Hey I get it looking inward has been The Single Most Painful Experience of my life.

It has been hard for me to make peace with me, take responsibility for all the ways I maneuver and why I do what I do. I find a lot of people portray the spiritual path as consistently liberating and blissful. I’m calling BS. Perhaps a few have experienced a peaceful path here but for the majority of seekers if you stay with it long enough you will face what is referred to as The Dark Night of the Soul … But people do not want to talk about this because we want to feel good, look good, be happy, be blissful when in actuality if you look into our deepest wounds they have created the greatest transformations — they are seeds –seeds of love ❤️️ So if you are on a spiritual path that is bumpy or has a few thorns keep the faith this too shall pass and on the other side is understanding, compassion, love and a knowing that surpasses this earthly plane.


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