Curl Inward

Learn to master the art of keeping opinions to yourself. We all have opinions and judgements, but if we have a desire to be a source of love in the world … this call to be silent is an integral part of being in service.

We must graciously extend the space and support that others seldom ask for … Consider how you feel when someone uninvitedly shares their opinions.

It stings and potentially launches a¬†defensive pattern. So as you move through the days, see if you can recognize when you feel that burning desire to speak your mind! Pause. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of your intention, “to be a source of Love/Light unto the world.” Decide that your intention is far greater than what you think you have to say. We just never know what is “right” or “wrong” for another, and often times we have difficulty even knowing for ourself. Lastly, I wonder how¬†might your world (as well as those around you) change if you courageously curled inward once in awhile?


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