Creative Grapefruit Breakfast Bowl

The inspiration for this bowl was centered upon the tasty citrus grapefruit and I must say it’s A Real Winner!

What you will need:

🔸1 peeled Grapefruit (and as you peel the little jewel, see if you can really be present with the process, feel your fingers dig into the plump fruit, appreciate the farmers that grew it … you get the idea)

🔸1 piece of bread smeared with a generous amount of coconut oil, a bit of honey, sprinkled with cinnamon (place into medium high skillet and brown both sides, once the toast has cooled tear or cut into bite sized pieces, set aside)

🔸vanilla yogurt mixed with about 1/2 t of chicory root sprinkles Dr. Weil “Is chicory root good for you?”

Where to buy chicory root?

🔸chia seeds

Smear yogurt mixture in the bottom of a bowl, grab a handful of the toast pieces, add peeled Grapefruit, sprinkle chia seeds on top , mix it all together, give thanks, and enjoy!


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