Facing A Pushy Friend?

img_5271Do you ever find yourself in a situation where other people believe and feel that they know what is BEST for you? I experience this often, I silently wonder what I am doing or saying that is creating this type of scenario. It got me to thinking … I understand it is not me or anything I am doing. It comes from the other, their desire to help. When in actuality the one thing that would help us all is for others to deeply see us. Respect our life and the decisions that we make or do not make.

Respect between two healthy functioning adults is created when we cultivate a space to lift the other which allows them to fly upon their own!

We have choices when others press their beliefs or desires upon us:

we can choose to feel angry or frustrated
ignore their offerings
close the door upon the relationship all together
or we can channel the essence of Grace and politely say, “Thank you,” all the while realizing their suggestions are about their own life and heart’s desires
Is it possible for us to offer what we most desire? To be seen for who we truly are ….


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