Is Your Birthday the “Right” Path?

On the surface, birthdays are:

a day of celebration

a day of fun, indulgence, hat wearing, blowing candles, and singing

a day of honoring your very existence

However, gazing deeper, they are a day of reflecting. Where am I headed? Where am I going? Am I on the “right” path. The past 40 years of my life have been spent tirelessly searching for the right path. But recently I realized there is no right path, there is just simply the path. This path is all yours. The path is what you decide to make of it. At this moment in time your path may be treacherous from uneven rocks, rigorous from fallen trees or appearing blocked because of a wildly flowing river. Or perhaps your path seems like a steep and arduous climb that quickly switches to a full on, out of control, downhill fall. Either way you can begin to shift, change and even surrender to your own unique path. How you ask?

I’m speaking about trust. While working as a nurse, on Monday, a patient shared a touching story with me. She explained that her daughter had two special needs children and one healthy child. I respectfully asked her “What does your daughter do for self care?” Her answer surprised and reminded me of the path. As the patient leaned in to ensure direct eye contact she empathetically stated “She has a strong faith and a lot of trust.”

Some seem more capable, willing and motivated to roll up their sleeves, get down right dirty and move the rocks. Others find themselves carefully placing a plush blanket onto the broken tree so as to make a comfortable resting spot. And as they lay down onto their back, they discover the beautiful and peaceful blue sky above them. And lastly some come to realize that the flowing river was there for their own learning, growing and expanding. As the Zen proverb says “The obstacle is the way.”

So the next time you celebrate your birthday, stop for a moment and make a wish for more trust to reveal itself in your path. As you begin to trust, you realize that an abundant and tender path was there all along.

Leslie Storms

I sincerely appreciate all of the abundance that I felt on my birthday! May each one of you realize you have the power to spread love where ever you go.



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